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Providing Internet Payment Options to global business by providing local solutions for both “receiving” and “remitting” funds.

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    We provide solutions that will help you collect money from your customers (Pay in) and remit money to your customers, members or affiliates (Pay out) to most countries across the world.

    Ipay Options Solutions Product Name Details
    Note: All solutions are available as White Label, Hosted Solution or Outright Purchase
    Multi function, Multi currency payment gateway for both credit card, instant debit and deferred (i.e. bank transfers) payment transactions . TXProcess Provides both API, hosted payment page or embedded elements. System integrated rules based processing, VBV, secure code, PCI compliance and fraud management. Fully featured and mature product.
    Multicurrency hosted payment page with customisable payment options Secure2 Ability for a merchant to add many local and global payment options with a single interface and a single system.
    Debit card ecommerce and card management platform TXCards Provides solution for the issue and load of gift and reloadable debit cards and offers an account or ewallet for the pre load of cards. Documentation upload and other
    Remittance Transaction Management for Batch and API payout transactions MTM The perfect system to manage the submission of transaction batches or individual transactions through an API to bank and other payment systems to effect remittance.
    eWallet and multicurrency transaction Management system TXFunds Full featured ewallet with many features such as ability to process many payment types, multicurrency etc
    Mobile payments Platform for ewallet and card management Mo.TXFunds Smart phone specific software for card and ewallet management.
    Cash remittance engine for point of sale and internet transactions. TMS - Transaction Management System Can be offered as a white label solution, source code license or as a hosted service

    We also offer some of the latest mobile technology that can assist your customers to manage their accounts from their mobile phone handsets and even provide enormous savings on international roaming talk and data charges. All solutions can be easily customised to fit any specific needs.

    What are Pay in solutions?

    Pay in solutions are simply products and services that help you collect money from your customers.

    They include:

    • Credit card processing (with direct currency conversion)
    • Direct deposits into country specific bank accounts
    • Instant acceptance of deposits from bank accounts
    • In-house cashier management via an e-wallet (or similar system)
    • Collection of funds via our Global Retail Agent network
    • Voucher payments and Collect Cards

    For further information on our Pay in solutions click here

    What are Pay out solutions?

    Pay out solutions are products and services that help you remit money or allow you (or your customers) to spend money or even pay bills.

    They include:

    • Multi currency Cash and Debit card solutions
    • Banked and non-banked payment solutions
    • Local bank account payments in 59 countries
    • Local Check and Swift payments
    • Payment to any VISA, MC, Switch or Solo in any country

    For further information on our Pay out solutions click here

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