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Providing Internet Payment Options to global business by providing local solutions for both “receiving” and “remitting” funds.

Payment Solutions

  • For your Customer

    Ipay Options understands the value and importance of your customers. Our products are designed not just to streamline your business operations but also to benefit your customers.

    By providing a range of customised products and services, Ipay Options is able to provide you with a suite of solutions that better suit your customer’s needs.

    Ipay Options features for your Customers:

    • Credit card processing for customer purchases
    • Branded Debit Cards for customer purchases and withdrawals
    • Retail Network for cash deposits and withdrawals
    • Mobile Technology for customer account management
    • Local currency transactions

    Ipay Options benefits for your Customers:

    • Provides added value for your customers
    • Allows you to create trust and brand loyalty
    • Allows you to stimulate revenue
    • Provide rewards for loyal customers
    • Provide a solution that gives your customers greater convenience and flexibility

    To find out more about our products click here or to Contact Us and discuss how Ipay Options can help you.

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